A Pair of Slipper Becomes Street Fashion

Latest slippers to say a single product, that is a holiday series, the show floor to grab a lot of limelight. Style is the easiest way, but the slippers encrusted pearls or metal ornaments, is not only simple and easy to wear, but also with material and process highlights the luxurious qualities, it is estimated that time will be explosion models, advance collection of it.

Recent big names are popular hooked net red, Rihanna is the queen of the red network, provided her with the slightest sales Cengceng came. April, Puma (Puma) to join Rihanna introduced a faux fur slippers, bathroom slippers common style and brand logo design portfolio, at 10:00 on the 24th at Puma official CAPE sale, sold out after a few minutes. In addition to Rihanna appeal, shoe itself joined the fur elements appear so very different, there are aspects of the color white, pink and black, always meet the needs of your outfit.

Gucci since being bearded uncle took over as creative director of its retro fresh literary has no need to say how the fire, especially a variety of fine embroidered flowers and birds can appear on any single product, slippers no exception. Although it is the most simple style slippers, but in this year's popular leather material plus a bee logo embroidery, flew up literature and art.

Slipper King Operates His Own Factory

Affected by family, Bring forth from an early age are interested in doing business in the area of ​​the village quadrivial Taozhu town he grew up, a young man set about entrepreneurship. "Choose what to sell is very important." Bring forth for themselves in the past ten years of business experience have been summarized: the start to choose the threshold is low, money is not the weight of the product, after all, do the industry, have to invest every cent are into outputs, and hope to avoid competition in a strong and stable products. "After much deliberation, or the most appropriate slippers."

After slipper factory run up, in addition to run slowly and surely do product sales, Bring forth almost no other time to consider life. Fight six or seven years later, he began to think outside marketing consider business transformation. "Electricity supplier is a big trend, accounting for air, grab the word at the head." Bring forth not too much to consider external factors, in his "Lynx" Registering a shop, named "Le family home", sell slippers. Electricity supplier early days, he is positioning itself as a small seller, the main summer sandals and slippers, cotton slippers winter sales. He often run the market for sales and slippers election shall have their own unique insights. "Getting into the market is not random, but with the mind analysis research, as far as possible to find other sellers are not easy to get get the product, make distinctive style." He fumbled shop early and consumer customers from the surrounding crowd of people like style slippers.

Gradually, because of the backing store, Bring forth run shop on track, he and his team grew in courage. Last season, his slippers sales reached 500 million yuan. For a time, Bring forth "slippers of people," the name the locals began to enter the eye, people did not think that this seemingly simple reality is young people online "Sales predators."

Let Slippers Become Noble and Elegant

"At the end of 2010, when a friend of Taiwan and chat, he mentioned a very crucial point, the acquisition of scrap by environmental constraints will become increasingly apparent, he asked me if I had thought about the development of the next five years or even decades." it is a friend of this word, let Zhang limit for the future with the continued development of thinking, "in addition to continuing the Bank, but also what the industry can do? we do not think the slippers, within pits due to the production of slippers is known to everyone, supply chain more perfect, there is a more intense atmosphere and the environment, to enter the industry with low barriers to some start faster. "based on consideration of the external environment, Zhang taking the decision to limit the pace of slippers industry.

It can be said, because a friend of Taiwan and a dialogue, let Zhang limits made into a new business decision. And at the next hole within a local production of more than 20 years in senior slippers a dialogue, let Zhang limit themselves into the new industry has a clear market positioning.

"Said the senior said, slippers can be done, but to think about what he is to do what's slippers, if you do more than the low-end price, but they are more than the older generation; if you do high-end, but there is no customer base, you also can not last long. "said Zhang limited, and indeed as fellow seniors said, than the price of low-end of the road is soon to go, did not end the same amount will be in trouble.

Zhang visited the market through continuous limit for answers. It took some time to visit a number of regional markets slippers Zhang limits found in the low-end market homogeneity serious, vicious competition fierce, but the high-end market, but few people involved slippers. Meanwhile, Zhang also realized that the same limit is the shoe industry, outdoor sports shoe market is highly sought after, increasing the market share of outdoor sports, sports is bound to be a big trend.

Catch These Three Shoes in Summer

Hot weather, I wanted to release my feet and let it breathe out. So began a long sandals slippers, and finally write this summer to buy the shoes to wear. Hot weather, heat intolerance for bloggers this constitution, the stifling of white shoes, summer sandals sandals should be + Popsicle ah, right?

Fortunately, trendy fine fashion circles, there are many "lazy cancer" patients from a pedal to white shoes, it reflects the "lazy" spirit. Also began to cater to all the major brands "lazy spirit", so this summer is also taking comfort sandals slippers fashion line. High with can temporarily sidelined.

Ultra-high heel shoes can temporarily receive an income, shoes are in fashion this year with crude, and is thick with low to comfort-oriented, decent cancer finally do not have to sacrifice comfort fashionable friends.

Last year, a pair of wild thing in the ins blogger circles scraper footwear brand Aquazzura, this year a lot of low root of shoes, including a wild thing also only 5 cm high with low root section. If not wear high heels can easily and comfortably catch a trend.

Big Changes in 2016 Shoes Industry

Shoe industry for many years and the downturn in foreign shoe brands have entered China, reduced the market share of the domestic shoe, shoe face internal and external problems of poor operating conditions in addition to closed stores, also have in the mining footwear segments, such as the establishment of shoes R & D department.

Shoes industry after years of rapid development, in 2016, companies are finally old shoes with the entire shoe industry collision compete. In recent years, sluggish state of the shoe industry a severe blow to investor enthusiasm and expectations for investors, they are both difficult to find a stable, and can bring huge benefits, and the relatively low cost of investment projects.

It does not mean that there is no hard to find, and shoes is a promising potential investment channels. Or the blessing from the industry is committed to creating cutting-edge products at the beginning, it has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs peers and concern, through various types of traditional footwear products transformation and innovation, Fu liter inline speed up its expansion as well as the magnitude of the level of production.

Complete industrial chain formed by immersion shoes industry for many years for the blessing of the rise has brought great convenience in 2016, shoes industry competition, even the blessing of newly opened stores rose shoes, but also able to attract in the shortest possible time the lot number of the peripheral consumers, it is sufficient to say that visibility and influence liter inline Mingfu brand has reached a higher level.


ECCO Seattle Bicycle-Toe Oxford Men's Shoes for Businessmen

Currently this pair of ECCO ECCO Seattle Seattle series Bicycle-Toe Oxford Men's lace shoes, the United States and Asia 10-10.5 Cognac color code is priced at just $ 67.98, shipping weight is expected to three pounds transit hand or about 538 yuan. Domestic price ¥ 1899 onwards.

This pair of ECCO ECCO Seattle Seattle series Bicycle-Toe Oxford Men's lace shoes belonging to Seattle series, which is divided into a pedal and lace models, this pair of lace models, square toe tough and attitude, two-sewn leather upper material stress, exclusive ECCO Comfort Fiber System to keep dry and breathable wearing experience, sole ECCO "little red dot" Shock point shock-absorbing cushion, put ECCO meteoric rise bridge on foot, in addition to not significantly rich and luxurious, are not loaded B light Sao paragraph, the eight children of the election for formal occasions with dress shoes and generous type.

ECCO casual men in all, a superior level of quality control is the world's few resources to fully meet one vertically integrated company: from the production of leather raw materials, R & D and product design to manufacturing, each link directly by ECCO supervision, while, ECCO is the only company to own and manage every step of the manufacturing process of footwear manufacturer, ECCO employees are the source of vitality of the product: from the design, development, manufacturing, sales, every detail by them throughout Be responsible for.

Calvin Klein Lloyd Brush Men's Leather Casual Shoes

Amazon is currently priced at US $ 29.86 (transit hand about ¥ 330). 2 color options, full-size, black 11.5 yards this is a good price. Most are good size dark blue price of $ 30 or so. Classic and elegant style, urban commuter or daily wear is very good.

Calvin Klein (CK) is an American fashion brand, founded in 1968, the founder of the namesake designer Calvin Klein, once for four-known clothing awards. Calvin Klein is the largest US designer brands.

The Calvin Klein Lloyd Brush Off BLX men's casual shoes, made of high quality leather, the texture is very good, good gloss, wear comfortable and breathable. Synthetic rubber soles, slip resistant. Classic and elegant style, urban commuter or daily wear is very good.